Indie Capital is an independent asset manager dedicated to equities funds. Founded in early 2012, Indie Capital partners have long experience in the financial and capital markets.

Experienced partners with complementary professional profiles – (i) private equity and public equities; (ii) specialization in different sectors (education, health, regulated, consumption, financial, etc.); (iii) graduation and previous experience in macroeconomic analysis together
made them take the decision to invest their personal and third-party assets in strategies in the stock market. From the beginning, a relevant part of the shareholders & equity is invested in the same funds,


Indie FIC FIA : The fund aims to obtain real returns above the cost of opportunity for investors, within a period of up to 2 years, through investments in equities.
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Perfin Investimentos is an independent Brazilian Equity Specialist Asset Management. We seek to provide our investors with a consistent and attractive stream of long term rate of returns, based on a thorough fundamental analyses, strict risk controls, high levels of transparency and solid ethical standards. The team consists of professionals with proven experience in both the domestic and global financial markets.

Perfin Foresight Institucional FIC FIA: Obtain significant long-term absolute returns by investing long only in the Brazilian Equity Market with a value oriented long-term approach. We compose the Portfolio using a thorough fundamental analysis to identify companies that are trading at far less than their intrinsic value. Lâmina Regulamento

CA Indosuez is part of the Credit Agricole Group, the second largest wealth management in Europe. Established in 1998 under the name of Crédit Lyonnais, the CA Indosuez S.A. Brazil is focused on asset management and financial advice to clients.